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Metal roofing is a favorite of many local customers because it is affordable and a worthwhile investment for any type of structure. Metal roofing is near the same price as many current shingle options and sometimes even cheaper. Prices start as low as $400 per square for a standard G-Rib metal roof. Standing seam metal roofing prices start at $550 per square.

Since metal roofing is energy efficient, it will save you even more money on heating and cooling costs. With a good metal roof, commercial and residential buildings will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Metal Roofing Specialists Company works with trusted products such as Graber Post, Everlast and Central States.

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Metal Roofing is Durable & Provides Protection from the Outside

Metal roofing is durable and typically lasts longer than other non-metal roofing materials. Our roofing is backed by a transferable lifetime warranty. Because metal roofs are so durable, this may be the last roof you ever install. Metal also requires very little maintenance, which makes it an ideal choice for any home or business. It provides exceptional protection from the outside elements and weather such as wind, rain, sun, heat and cold. Metal is also resistant to fire and can protect your home in the event of one.

Metal is Easy to Install & Has Many Design Options Available

Metal is lighter when compared to other materials and can be easily installed on any house or commercial building. Because it is so light, it can be installed over an existing roof, which will save you time and money. Our metal roofing material comes in multi-shingle sections and sheets. With our professional and experienced crew, your new metal roof can be installed in no time. Another great feature of metal roofs is the wide variety of finishes, designs, and colors that are aesthetically pleasing to architecture and style of any structure.

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